My next Lockdown journey

Hey everyone, if you are reading this thank you so much, it means you are in my web having a wee look..

So my journey during lock down hasn’t been to bad, I have managed to keep myself busy with doing as most of you know on line classes, I do 2 classes per week on a Monday & Thursday on ELD and they seem to be popular, I also teach weekly on Streamline.. I have loved being able to keep going as I know there is a lot that have struggled … Now as you know I now live in a log cabin at THE WOODS we moved in last year and wow it is stunning, BUT I needed room to dance for classes SOOOOOOO what did Heather do I sold the dinning room table and chairs hahaha I just got fed up moving them every day lol as remember I also do on line videos for teaching (you can see these on my youtube chanel) anyway Steve convinced me to buy another for santa coming lol… my other hobby I have taken up is BSL (British Sign Language) I have passes at the moment 6 modules still 5 to go, Im not saying its easy but I do love it, still wee bit slow but getting there, something I have always wanted to do if honest as i have a lovely clients that comes to me and I surprised her the last time I was open with it awww her face was so surprised (in a good way lol) what hobby do you all have ?

This recent lockdown has hit me a bit more than the very first one BUT not all is doom & Gloom, Steve ( my wee hubby) and I had our 5th granddaughter awww she is so gorgeous LYLA JANE CLARK born 25th November a wee sister to LILY.. we are very blessed to have the most beautiful grandkids ever lol and in December as you would probably have read I was nominated for 10 CBA .. wow how did that happen lol

We had a lovely christmas but it started on Christmas eve, both my boys are fire fighters and they were both working christmas day, what a great time we had with Santa coming a day early to Steather Lodge..

Unfortunately my salon had to also close on Xmas eve and as it stands just now Ive no idea when it will reopen.. 2021 a new start to the year interesting to find out what we will be doing ..

keep in touch guys let me know how you are all doing, remember its ok not to be ok and I am always here if you need an ear… be safe and strong we never ever know what is round that corner live your life as you can take care & speak soon Hxxx

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