I’m Heather Barton, a CBA winning line dance choreographer and instructor, based in Scotland.

“Dance is not only what we do; it’s who we are”

A little about me

I’ve been teaching line dance for over 25 years and am a qualified D&G instructor. My mentor was Lizzie Clarke, who I will always admire for her dedication to her pupils.

Line dance is such a big part of my life – it’s even how I met my husband, Steve. He is a professional level dancer in his own right. We live and work near Stirling in central Scotland. I’m a hairdresser and salon owner, and Steve is a heating engineer. We have a wonderful big family and an amazing network of friends, who support us in all we do, and I love my life.

In my spare time I run a local line dance club called HBootleggers. I choreograph, run classes, and teach my dances across the UK and internationally. I’m a DJ presenter on Linedancer Radio, and very proud to be the Scottish ambassador for the Line Dance Foundation. We also work with KingsHill Holidays where we enjoy hosting and instructing on line dance breaks across the UK.

Thanks to line dance we keep on meeting loads of fab people who become firm friends.


The first piece I choreographed to be danced around the world was Picking Up The Pieces.

The biggest hits so far are Cecilia, which I co-choreographed with my lovely friend, Willie Brown, Missing, which is still in the charts more than three years after I choreographed it, and the award-winning Rolling With Love, which I co-choreographed with the amazing Simon Ward.

I hope you enjoy trying out these and some of my other dances.


I was thrilled to have won a Crystal Boot Award for Advanced Dance for Rolling With Love that I co-wrote with Simon Ward in 2019, as well as winning a second as part of the Linedancer Radio team. I was also honoured to be chosen as CCN instructor of the year 2018, and to have received a total of 27 CBA nominations since 2015, including ten in 2020.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who supports me and my club, and to everyone who enjoys my work. There is nothing better than seeing someone happy – I feel very blessed that my involvement in line dance lets me see that a lot!