An autumn weekend in de Rijp

What happened to yesterday?

I got home from Holland on Monday, went straight to teaching a line dance class, then at work yesterday and not had one minute to myself yet. Nothing new for me – I do like to be busy!

So… reflecting on HOLLAND… oh my goodness it was fabulous. The hotel – WOW! In all honestly I’ve never seen anything like it. The place is full (and I mean full) of antique stuff, but not cluttered. The hotel came in 3 parts and it was huge. The food was so yummy (well except the sausage thing lol ) and Steve loved it.

I was mainly DJ for the weekend and had a great time – what an amount of requests I had for the whole weekend.

On Friday I taught Sugarbird which I co-choreographed with Jeffke Camps. Our dance was well received and requested again over the weekend. It was amazing to see Jef and Lisa; a lovely surprise.

On Saturday we had an excursion to Pampus island ( think that’s it name) and although it was freezing cold on the boat the whole thing was very interesting, especially the old school bus that picked us up!

On Saturday evening I taught a fun contra dance but it had to be done in our “fun Scottish suits” what a laugh we all had; they’re not the easiest things to dance in!

I finally got to meet the very talented Billy Curtis this weekend. It was my first time hearing him sing and I really enjoyed it. It was fabulous spending time with him (even though I answered twice to him sayin “hey MUM!!!”) cheeky boy, and he can sleep for Scotland…

Anyway he called out Missing and no one knew it. I was wee bit shocked as they had known Cecilia and Almost Always, which I had also choreographed. So I decided on Sunday morning to teach it. BOOM they loved it and danced another 5 times from morning till night!

The whole weekend was just fabulous; new friends made with more amazing memories. Thank you to everyone for the lovely comments and company.
Jan van den Hoogen thank you so much for inviting me to your great event – I loved everything about it and hope to see you all again soon.

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