165 line dance choreography days till Christmas!

What a busy few months I have had since the start of the year. I was checking out what line dances I have choreographed so far in 2019 and thought I would share it.

You can find scripts for all of these and more of my line dance choreography on Linedancer, CopperKnob, Everything Line Dance, or LineDancingWorld

You can find a complete list of my choreography here.

28 February – Shine a light

1 March – Abilene, High Beam (written with Darren Mitchell), and 18 Ends (written with Lee Hamilton)

Photo of Heather Barton and Lee Hamilton taking a selfie in Wales in 2018

13 April – Goshdamn (written with David Thomas)

22 April – Almost Always (Over You) (written with Willie Brown)

Photo of Heather Barton and Willie Brown smiling in a selfie

15 May – Ladies in the 90s

29 May – Lucky Stars (written with Jamie Barnfield)

11 July – The Bull (written with Hayley Wheatley)
This one has only just been released

Photo of Heather Barton and Hayley Wheatley with arms round each other and hands on hips

What’s next for my choreography?

Now I’m looking forward to teaching at World Dance Masters in August and there will be two new dances to add to the list including some more incredible opportunities for collaborating with other choreographers.
Watch this space…

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in alI I do, whether that is coming along to my classes, socials, and weekends, collaborating on my line dance choreography, teaching my dances, reviewing and voting for them, asking me to teach at your events, and of course dancing them!

But more than anything else, thank you for believing in me.

H xxxx

Photo of Heather Barton looking thoughtful in the passenger seat of a car

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